Re-roofing company in Quebec

Y. Laramée Couvreur Inc. is a re-roofing company. It was founded in the 1970s by Mr. Yvon Laramée Sr. When he retired in 1994, one of his sons, Yvon Laramée Jr., took over the business. Mr. Yvon Laramée Jr., started to work in the roofing field with his father at a very young age. He had all the qualities and knowledge required to succeed him.

For years, Y. Laramée Couvreur Inc. has been recognized for its innovations. In fact, it was one of the first companies to install elastomeric membranes, a waterproof and elastic product from France.

The tradition continues with the two sons of Mr. Yvon Laramée Jr., Matthew and Yvon the third, joining the team. They will continue to carry forward the family business through their ardor, passion, knowledge acquired from father to son, as well as their sense of innovation.

Y. Laramée Couvreur Inc., with its many years of experience, has earned an excellent reputation in the industry


Our mission is to satisfy our customers by providing a product and a service of high quality. It is important for us to maintain a well-trained, professional and competent team. In addition, our company is always on the lookout for novelties in the field of re-roofing.

Our products

The various products offered by Y. Laramée Couvreur Inc. include GAF fiberglass laminated shingles, GAF fiberglass paper for asphalt and gravel roofing, and finally IKO elastomeric membrane for a bilayer roofing system.

Our services

At Y. Laramée Couvreur Inc., customer satisfaction is our priority. We are committed to providing a high quality product. To achieve this, we choose reliable materials of the highest quality to ensure a roofing of excellence. It is important for us to offer a professional and competent service. Our employees are experts in their field and are trained to remain experts.

We offer our services to the commercial, residential and industrial sectors. Our services include the removing of your old roof up to the ventilated or thermal decking. This provides better waterproofing to your roof. You will also receive a 10 year warranty on labor.

With Y. Laramée Couvreur Inc., you will get the high-end roof that you need at an unbeatable quality / price ratio. We strive to satisfy our customers by providing an excellent product. We have all the elements to succeed. For years, Y. Laramée Couvreur Inc. has been recognized for its high-end roofing. When a roof has to be redone, look for a roofer that offers nothing less!


We are members of the following associations:

La Régie du Bâtiment du Québec.(RBQ)
RBQ No: 3088-0884-33

GAF Certification
No CE16083

L’Association des Entrepreneur
en Construction du Québec (AECQ)
(The Association of Construction Contractors of Quebec)

We are endorsed by:
La Fédération des Associations et Corporations en Construction du
Québec. (FACCQ)
(The Federation of Associations and Corporations in Construction of Quebec)