The elastomeric membrane is a bilayer roofing system which can be installed both on a flat roof and a roof having a slope of 3/12. Y. Laramée Couvreur Inc. chooses elastomeric membranes of the IKO brand, because their product is more resistant to heat during its installation.

The bilayer system has proven its worth in Quebec and Y. Laramée Couvreur Inc. is one of the first companies to use this method. This consists of mechanically attaching the membrane to the wood or steel decking or pasting it to the concrete decking. Then we weld the finishing layer of the elastomeric membrane over the latter by means of blowtorches.

This type of roofing is ideal for small surfaces such as expansions or a building with a small slope. Note that it is important to ask your roofing contractor if he is insured against fire in the event that he is installing this product. The insurance is expensive for entrepreneurs, but it is necessary and mandatory! Protect yourself!

Lifespan: 30 to 40 years
4 x lighter than asphalt and gravel
There are no more rocks in your gutters