Green roof

Y. Laramée Couvreur Inc. now offers a reversed roofing system for a green roof on your building. This ecological roof allows you to contribute to a greener Quebec. It is especially beneficial for those who are not lucky enough to have an outdoor courtyard. This system consists of installing the roof on your decking once your old roof is removed. Then, we install an insulating material over the new roof with a filter cloth on your insulating material. After that, we add a layer of material of your choice (eg. sand, earth, stone) over the cloth. Finally, we install the vegetation of your choice. There are two types of green roofs, the extensive green roof and the intensive green roof.


An extensive green roof is used when the weight that needs to be distributed on the roof is limited. In fact, the foundation of a house can support a maximum weight. Thus, the vegetation that can be installed on the roof is also limited.

In these cases, a more robust vegetation that can withstand weathering and requiring low maintenance is installed. Rainwater is usually sufficient to keep the plants alive.

It is a small step towards a greener Quebec!

Lifespan: 30 to 40 years
Weight: 60 to 100 kg / m²


When the foundations allow the laying of a roof of a high weight in accordance with building standards, it is possible to install an intensive green roof. This system allows you to create a courtyard on your roof! Imagine your own terrace in the heart of the city! It is the ideal choice especially in new condominium buildings where people do not have the chance to own an outdoor courtyard. Choose what your roof will consist of from the various choices available, including conifers, shrubs, flowers and gardens. This system is more expensive than extensive green roofs, but do not hesitate to ask about what can be done within your budget.

Lifespan: 30 to 40 years
Weight: 500 to 800 kg / m² Submission Form